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This website will summarize information from the survey, and may also provide information to help coordinate efforts to acquire or influence the use of the land at Maho Bay campground.

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Survey Results

The first couple days results (as of Jan 4th ) don't have enough responders to give any significant information, but responders all share some concerns about the closing of Maho Bay campground. Most are members of the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park, and most would like to see the campground noted as a historic place, and would like to see Stanley Selengut receive recognition as a visionary.

To have any impact, we will need this survey to be filled out by many more people. If you can pass the survey on to other people , especially if you are connected with a group that made use of Maho Bay campground, the chances for such an impact will be based on your help with networking. Thanks !

Approximate number of missed visits to Maho Bay campground since it closed on June 30 2013: 194573

Roughly estimated based over one million visitors reported between 1976 and 2007, with higher visitor counts during peak than off-peak seasons